Goals for Internship

Assignment B:

As I alluded to in my last post, I was asked by colleagues about my goals for my internship. I would like to take some time to explain them now. In addition to listing the personal goals I have determined for myself to achieve during my internship, I think it is helpful to show the potential learning objectives and takeaways from each goal to show what will come out of the completion of each goal through specific learning objectives that I have set for myself.

Goal 1: To contribute the highest quality work product possible

Learning objective/potential take away: I will continue to learn the value of professionalism and the satisfaction that goes along with producing the best product I can.

How to achieve this: While the extra time taken to check and double-check work before completion may take extra time at the get go, this will ensure that I will have to take less time to make revisions later.

Goal 2: To ask questions

Learning objective/potential take away: I admit that when it comes to class work or even past internships I have not been the best at asking clarifying questions, so I hope to gain more self – awareness of when and what types of questions to ask for clarification on when I am unable to find an answer myself. Specifically, when it comes to formatting and important branding related tasks that are very specific to the recognition of the brand.

How to achieve this: When given an assignment I will give myself time to digest the assignment and try to plan my actions to complete it before going to my supervisor for clarification. When asking questions, I will strive for quality questions so as to not waste my or my supervisor’s time. This will be especially important when my supervisor is out of the country and I will be left to my own discretion to solve problems and find answers to questions on my own. This exercise in self – motivation will help me to gain confidence in my own problem solving and leadership capabilities.

Goal 3: To use my communications expertise to benefit the organization

Learning objective/potential take away: I hope to come away from this internship with concrete examples of public relations materials and other information that I can add to my professional portfolio to highlight the diversity of my skills in the disability inclusion sphere.

How to achieve this: By using the skills I have defined in past internships and learned in my classes I hope to raise the profile and duties of my day-to-day responsibilities to a place where communication is closer to the forefront.

Contributing high quality work, knowing when and how to ask the right questions, and using my existing skills are all very important goals to have set for myself with the hopes of achieving through this internship experience. That being said, the most important goal that I hope to gain from this experience is an expansion of international contacts driven by my enthusiastic personality and dedicated work ethic.


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