Double – edged sword

As I prepare for an exciting week here in Florida I have some news to share with you first. While I am not a fan of sugarcoating the truth, I am just going to come right out and say it. Due to budget cuts at Drake University, my tremendously informative, witty, and eloquent blog post will no longer be posted to the Drake University website.

While you will not be able to view my posts from the website, I encourage you to follow my adventures as a Drake University student on my personal Facebook page, where my posts will continue to be posted.

Moving on, I am extremely honored to introduce the newest Ultimate intern to the organization I have grown so fond of. I am sure she will be able to bring some great new ideas to the public relations team. In addition, I will be in Miami Wednesday through Friday at the Fountaine Bleau hotel to attend the bi-annual sales meetings. I hope that the experience will give me some valuable insights that I can use as I continue to develop the customer advocacy campaign that I will be presenting to members of the Ultimate community to carry on once I leave in a month.

In other news, I found out who my roommate will be in London and she seems very cool. I am sure we will get along splendidly, which is a relief, with the added pressure of studying abroad.


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