First week as an UltiPeep

Yesterday marked the end of my first week as a public relation intern for Ultimate Software. The projects I have already completed and all of the excitement about my participation in the small public relations team of 4. After all of this, I am so excited for what the rest of the summer has to offer. I really do credit Drake for all of the  advantages the experiences and skills I have learned that have given me this wonderful opportunity. For instance, I am the only person on my team that knows how to use InDesign, which makes me a valuable asset. Also, the fresh perspective I bring from my classes has really impressed my colleagues.

On Thursday I got to catch up with a friend who has a boat at a marina about a mile from where I am staying. It was so exciting to be be back hanging out on a boat again.

Be sure to follow the rest of my adventures using #Ultintern on social media, and as always I will be posting updates.


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