Roxanne Conlin

Last night I had the opportunity to attend a small reception at the Harkin Institute for Public Policy and Citizen Engagement. The featured guest was Roxanne Conlin, a leader personal injury attorney in Des Moines who is very passionate about protecting people who have been wronged in some way.

She is very witty, has a dry sense of human, and has an abundance of knowledge that she was freely willing to share with students.

She explained how she named her building in Des Moines. When she was 14 she worked at a drugstore on Locust street in Des Moines. It turns out that this drug store was the first in Iowa to serve African American after Edna Griffin who demanded service in the 1940s, years before the civil rights movement gained momentum. Conlin found it fitting that since the building her office was housed in was where Katz drugstore once stood, she would pay homage to Griffin by naming the building after her. The naming decision was further solicified by the fact that Conlin services those who are discriminated against, just like Griffin was all those years ago at Katz drugstore.


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