Florence Meyers Wallace Luncheon

This afternoon I was honored to attend the Florence Meyers Wallace Luncheon.

I was lucky enough to be seated next to Tom Delahunt, Vice President for Admission and Student Financial Planning. In addition to Tom, Debbie Scripps who is a community organizer in Texas was also seated at my table along with Greg Johansen.

John Smith, Vice President for Alumni and Development posed a series of questions to each group assembled at tables. The conversations at my table ranged from need for a more established mentoring program within colleges, more publicity of student resources and groups, and more ways for students to become connected with and meet with alumni. Smith went on to explain the remarkable tradition of this event, which allows for the voices of students to be heard by those who are responsible for helping to shape the future of Drake. He then wished a happy birthday Madeline Maxwell who was not in attendance due to her own birthday lunch. Special recognition was given to president – elect Marty Maxwell. The President’s cabinet was recognized for their engagement and leadership. The board of trustee members was recognized for their vision and service. Finally, Dr. Donald V. Adams was personally recognized as a close friend and mentor to Smith.

Tom Henderson, grandson of Florence Wallace then took the podium to speak a little about his grandmother’s impact on the Drake community. She was, “a women who was ahead of her time in leadership.” Her proudest and happiest moments when she was on the board of trustees was when she was on the student life committee and given the opportunity to speak to students about what makes Drake great and what could make it better. Under the leadership of vice president Adams student life committee members meet with students. Then, President Maxwell turned it into the large event it is today – where members of the board of trustees have the opportunity to speak with Drake students.

As an established leader on Drake’s campus, it was an honor to attend this event and make my voice heard as well as hears from the board of trustee members themselves.


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