Earth Day

Today marks the 45th Earth Day. According to Conserve Energy Future, Earth Day is all about celebrating the diversity of the Earth that we depend on for survival.

Fitting enough as it is, today I was able to be an audiance member to a presentation in my human rights class about the connection between climate change and human rights. The presentation made me nostalgic for my time at the School of Environmental Science at the Minnesota Zoo, where Earth day was a recognized holiday for students and staff alike. We were allowed to volunteer with a number of organizations or activities that benefited the environment, such as trash clean up, graffiti removal, brush cleaning, tree planting, or any other variety of activities that positively benefited the environment around us. In addition to these activities that made our hearts grow with school pride in the work we were doing, everyone was given an all organic, gluten free lunch that was provided from donations from local nonprofits that focus on sustainable farming and food production. In past years, we were also treated to viewings of such films as Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth. This year, since I am away from the festivities, I decided to contribute through the sharing of this video about the harmful effects that current generations are putting on the earth for future generations to have to clean up. 


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