Lets talk Legislatures

Today was a great day for me, an enthusiastic political junkie. As I have explained before, I spent a better half of the end of my Senior year lobbying the Minnesota state Legislature for an increase in special education funding. Today, I was proud to be able to share my knowledge of the legislative process with students at the I also had the pleasure to meet and network with my state representative

While I was busy inspiring the next generation of Minnesota lobbyists and taking a virtual tour of the Minnesota state Capitol, which is currently under construction, another very exciting event was happening at my other home; Drake University. of Vermont attended a meet and greet discussion on campus. While I was not there in person, my good friend was gracious enough to send me notes about the key points of Sanders’ informal speech.

I would like to make it clear that while I am publishing this post, Dan was the one who sent me the notes that I used to compose the following paragraphs.

According to Sanders, the most serious problems in America today (the economy, environment, and clean energy) are not talked about by most Americans, instead we talk about football and Kim Kardashian’s wardrobe.

Sanders pointed out that 63% of all Americans, and 80% of young people didn’t vote in the 2014 midterm election. He went on to explain that America needs to move towards public funding of elections. He cited how, in the last several decades, we’ve experienced a significant decline in the middle class. Despite productivity doubling, Americans are working more hours for less money.

Sanders then moved into a discussion of Income inequality and how it is increasing in America. He explained that America have the largest gap in economic classes of any major nation. He cited that the top 1/10 of 1% owns more than 90% of the wealth in America. He then shared the shocking statistic that the that owns Wal-mart owns more than 40% of Americans.

Sanders then went into quick explanations of some of the other issues that are important to him. He stated that unemployment is really 11% when you include disinterested workers. He showed how climate change an easy issue to ignore. Outside of Fox News, there is no debate! If nothing is done, scientists estimate the average global temperatures will increase by 5-10% by 2100. On the subject of affordable college tuition, he explained how college is the new high school – meaning that it is required to succeed in the twenty first century – echoing a similar sentiment that Joe Biden shared with his audience last week, and it ought to be free as in Germany, Norway, and other countries. Bernie explains how America spends more on military than the next nine countries combined. He continues to explain how the President wants an additional 37 billion in defense spending, Bernie suggests taking half that money for education and having the states match the funds. This would cut student debt in half.


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