Drake oppertunities

Today I had the opportunity, thanks to being a student at Drake, to see speak about economics. Specifically he spoke about the wealth gap in America, the need for education to succeed in the twenty – first century, and how by making the middle class stronger the entirety of America can succeed in becoming – once again – a leader in the world after the economic downfall of 2009 and the subsequent recovery.

In his opening remarks, Drake President David Maxwell joked that the delay in the starting of the event gave the audience time to warm up after standing outside in single digit temperatures waiting to enter the auditorium. He explained that Drake is very conscious of their community context and commitment to civil engagement.

Former Iowa chief justice Marsha Turnus was very impressed by the involvement and enthusiasm of Drake students in preparation of the event. She was honored to host the Vice President on Drake’s campus. She then went in to explaining the mission of the Harkin Institute for Public Policy and Citizen Engagement, which she is the director of. Turnus explained how the Institute’s goal is to encourage civic engagement in the community along side civil service, which is exemplified by the event that was sponsored by them today which highlighted an official who is very civically engaged. She then encouraged the audience to contemplate how the issues that were being discussed will impact our generation.

Drake student body President Joey Gale had the opportunity to introduce Vice President Biden. In his remarks, Gale explained how he hopes that Biden’s speech today, like those of many other outstanding thinkers that have spoken at Drake, encourages a continued respectful conversation on Drake’s campus.

Now, I could bore you all with specifics of what Vice President Biden said, but is a more professional explanation.


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