Busy week, looking ahead

It is hard to believe that today is only Tuesday because yesterday I had such a long day – 5 classes in 7 hours – that it feels like two days went by in the span of one.

In addition to balancing classes and work I have been trying to leave myself a couple of hour a week since the semester began to look for summer internship of research opportunities. After speaking to one of my professors from last semester I am very conflicted. Professor Schor of the Drake law school taught a pilot class last semester for undergraduate students in the law school. As a result I chose him to begin to help me finalize my decision on what type of graduate school to attend. After an intellectually stimulating conversation of the benefits of law school versus graduate school I brought up another question to him. I was wondering if he knew of any public policy internships that I could apply to for the summer as a young undergraduate student. After working 60 or more hour a week last summer I can’t imagine sitting around at my parent’s house all summer where my only activities would be biking, volunteering, or hanging out with friends. Professor Schor, an avid bike rider, suggested that I take the summer to explore on my bike. Our conversation then turned to one focused on different bicycling events in Minnesota in the summer.


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