Today is a great day to be a Bulldog. Today the climate survey want emailed to all students, faculty,and staff. The purpose of this 100 question survey was to get an accurate account of the experience of individuals in the Drake community. The survey was developed by in collaboration with the Strategic Diversity Action Team (SDAT) which includes faculty from all areas of campus.

The first part of the climate assessment was conducted early in the fall semester when consultants from the Rankin team came to campus to meet with a discuss issues pertaining to certain focus groups that were made up of various different types of students, faculty, and staff. The SDAT team helped the Rankin and Associates team to make the survey more specifically centered towards the Drake community. The team made sure to format the questions in a way that allowed for a majority of respondents to recognize characteristics that they can relate to. A full list of frequently asked questions can be found .

In addition to the survey coming out today, president – elect Marty Martin was on campus this morning to meet with students, faculty, and staff in order to get better acquainted with the campus community before his official transition into the role of President in July.

I am interested to see how this survey will transform Drake into what more of the students, faculty, and staff want to see. If you too are interested in finding out more about the climate survey, I will be staying up to date on the progress of the survey results and bringing my findings to you. When asked, Professor Renee Cramer told me that “I don’t know *what* we expect to get out of the climate survey! I am open to being surprised by what we learn. Here is what we hope we get: a high response rate — as people from all walks of life who are members of the Drake community participate, we learn more about how folks are experiencing life at Drake (the good and the bad).” She continued to explain how the SDAT hope to receive “a set of honest answers – we hope to learn what opportunities there are, and what barriers exist, for faculty, staff, and students to feel welcome as equal members of the community.” She concludes her comments by explaining that the team hopes to use the data that they receive as a basis for “recommendations for change — the data we are gathering is vital to the project we are undertaking: creating a more welcoming and inclusive living, learning, and working environment.


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