New President

Today I had the distinct pleasure of attending the officially announcement of the next President of Drake University.

The wrote a very brief, but informational article about President elect Earl F. “Marty” Martin’s background, experience, and what he hopes to bring to the Drake community during his time in office. Martin explains more about how he was drawn to this position in this .

Larry Zimpleman, Chair of the Drake Board of Trustees explains that through Martin’s “excellent leadership he will be positioning the university to thrive in these challenging times” and build off of Maxwell’s 16 years as president.

Martin said that it is “quite remarkable to say I am 13 president of Drake.” He was very impressed by the warm welcome from drake and Des Moines community. He believes that his warm reception be these community says a lot about community and future. He then explained some of his many reasons for interest. The most powerful of which being our mission statement that is student focused and spoke to his heart.

Martin praised the innovative efforts at Drake including the STEM @ Drake campaign, data analytics, and Occupational Therapy departments that will grace campus soon. He says that these programs will “boost enrollment while preparing students for the future.”

He spoke to the involvement and dedication of the Drake student body by explaining how Drake “prepares students for global engagement – you can see that here.” He applauded President Maxwell for his leadership in making this one of the staples of the reputation of Drake both nationally and internationally.

During his Presidency, Martin wants to work to learn about drake and how he needs to conduct himself in order to best benefit the Drake community. He hopes to do this through listening to students and learning about their hopes, aspirations, and challenges on horizon to see what he and the Drake community need to do to make these things happen for their students. He hopes to build on the Drake vision statement. Although he acknowledges that it can’t just be what he wants to see, he wants to involve the entire Drake community in building on our already strong mission statement. He joked that he can only hope to hold the Presidency for 16 years, as long as David Maxwell. Martin hopes to be transparent; maintain high academic standards.

Journalism professor David Wright opened up his remarks as a representative for the search committee by joking that “you know you are too comfortable when Larry says “follow that act” Wright continued in a joking manner that his suggestion to have Martin’s wife Laura dress up in spike costume didn’t go over well because she wanted to attend the game, but we didn’t want her to be recognized and potentially spoil today’s announcement. Wright was thankful for the fresh and intelligent insight from students on committee. He explained how Martin’s presentation told me so much about him as a leader and an academic.

In his tribute to the Maxwells, Martin thanked them for their good work: stewardship, love and care. He pointed out that President Maxwell’s wife Maddy was named a women of influence by in 2009.


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