Night on the Town

Last night I went to to see a concert. The first opening act was . He offered free CDs to the audiance since he understood some of the hard economic times people may be going through. He did a great job of connecting with the audiance and making his performance feel more personal, like he was in your living room.

Clutter was followed by Jordan Meyers. She talked about how her mom had texted her before the show and told her that you could catch frost bite in 10 minutes outside, to dress warmly, and avoid black ice. She expertly turned this into a shameless plug for the hand crocheted hats, scarfs, and headbands.

The headlining act was . Ari Herstand made a big, successful effect to connect with the audiance by sharing personal stories, making comments about himsel and how thankful he was to be back in home town of Minneapolis. His song “Mimi and me” is about the beginning, middle, and end of a relationship that takes place in Minneapolis. Herstand joked with keyboardist Joey tantry that he was a true Minnesotians wearing a full fleece and infinity scarf on stage. Yantry then said that the shirts that Herstand was selling and claimed were super soft were not near as soft as Tantry’s fleece.Jerstand, who plays the trumpet as well as guitar and piano, brought Aaron wiener on stage to play with his, Weiner is a part of thaat performs at
in Mineapolis every Wednesday night.

Last night was a lot of fun, so now I am going to rest up before New Years Eve festivities tomorrow night.


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