I know that most people think that finals week is the busiest week of the semester, but I disagree with that because right now I am working on four different papers, reading 3 different textbooks, and writing lots of papers while finishing study guides. All of this work will hopefully pay off next week once I get done with finals on Thursday.

On top of all of this stress, I just learned that my roommate is officially moving out for spring semester. She had been discussing it a couple of weeks ago and when her plans didn’t work out she was going to remain in our room. Then another opportunity came along that she told me about on Sunday night. She apparently jumped at this opportunity because I was just informed via Facebook post that she needs help moving into her new dorm room next week…. I just have one question for anyone who has ever broken big news, broken up with someone, or made other large statements over social media, is this really what our society has come to that we can’t confront people in person to have a civilized conversation?


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