Looking back at 40 years of service

Yesterday was Senator Tom Harkin’s 75th birthday, I posted about my excitement for this occasion a couple of weeks ago. Today, I was proud to have run across very touching birthday message to Senator Harkin from the other Iowa Senator .

Yes, I do understand that there is a little irony in the fact that my last name is Grassl and Senator Grassley’s name is so close in spelling, but I will always hold my allegiance towards Senator Harkin, because as a person with disabilities I have personally benefitted from the many , , and http://www.harkin.senate.gov/release.cfm?i=337997 that Senator Harkin has done and continues to do on behalf of Americans with disabilities. I am and will always be a very strong supporter of the work that Senator Harkin does.

Here is Senator Harkin talking about his legacy in his own . Here is one newspaper’s view on Senator Hakin’s .

Happy birthday Senator Harkin. Thank you so much for all of the work that you have do and continue to do on behalf of people with disabilities, the middle class, and many other groups of Americans.



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