Lessons Learned

This weekend I finally got a new phone after going 6 days without a cell phone. During that time my only means of communicating with people were through iMessage on my computer or email because Facebook messages annoy me.

This past week I learned many things while not having a phone. The cellular silence was actually really refreshing because, especially in today’s society, we have become so dependent on our devices that we seam to have forgotten how to connect with people on a face-to-face basis.

The first couple of days I was almost shaking I was so jittery from manning to hear my phone vibrate from a text or ding from an email. After the initial shock of being so disconnected from technology, I found that I was actually finding some sort of piece with my disconnection with technology. I found out that, in addition to communication, I am most dependent on my phone was to use it as an alarm in the mornings and to inform me of what time it was so I wasn’t late for classes and appointments. As a result of this realization I had to buy an inexpensive watch from Amazon to keep me on schedule. Thank goodness for Amazon prime, because my watch was delivered in just two days!


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