Early Morning

This morning I woke up at 3:00a.m. to board a plane headed to Orlando via Atlanta. Now that I am wide awake I am taking the time to finish homework for the weekend so that I can enjoy my time in Disney World.Yeah, thats right. I’m headed to Disney World!

The reason why I get to enjoy two and a half glorious days in the sunshine state and being a grown up in a giant amusement park is because my mom’s company reached there marketing numbers goal this past fiscal year. Since my mom played a big role in this accomplishment as an industry analyst relations director the company is flying my parents and I, from separate locations, to Disney World for the weekend to celebrate the great work that the company has done.

This year, Ultimate Software was named number 20 on . I am very excited to get to meet all of the wonderful people who my mom works with and who have contributed to the great success of this progressive company. In addition, I am excited to wake up tomorrow morning to see wild animals outside of my window in the Wild Kingdom. It won’t be near the experience that I had seeing wild animals in the South African savannah in  as a part of a field study trip through my high school, the at the ,


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