Fall break

This past weekend I had the luxury of spending a couple of days in Minnesota for fall break.

Break began with one of my fiends leaving a textbook on the roof of the car, which then fell down and got caught on the rear windshield. A semi – truck diver ended up honking at us on the highway, where we found the book still on the car once we pulled off the road.

On Friday I went to a morning concert at Ordway Center with my dad. The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra has been a staple in my fine arts education since middle school, but that morning’s performance was especially memorable. There was a special performance of “be happy” with an exciting clarinet solo where the tall Swedish conductor played a jazz clarinet while moving around the stage in fluid movements.

Saturday was spent sailing relaxing on my parent’s sailboat and enjoying the company of some of my favorite people at the yacht club.


The quote of the night came from my friend John who explained “what out what you say tonight because it  might make you become blog famous from it at Drake.”

The next couple of days I enjoyed time at home and getting together with friends from high school.

To me, fall break is such a tease because by the time you get comfortable at home again you have to go back to school the next day.


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