Voting Day!

Today was the first day of early voting in Iowa. 

In honor of this important election ahead of this great state, I think it is my civic duty to inform people about the candidates that they will be voting for to represent Iowans in both the House of Representatives and the Senate. 

A small history lesson will help to add some context to the importance of the election. Iowa currently has two of the politically diverse senators of any state in America. On one side you have Republican Charles Grassley. He has been in the United States Senate since being elected in 1980. His political biography can be found here and his stance on a variety of issues can be found

On the other side you have Democrat Tom Harkin who has been in Congress for almost forty years. His biography can be found
and his stance on the issues can be found  

Sen. Harkin will be retiring on January 3 and the race to replace him on the Senate floor is already heating up as the temps begin to fall in Iowa. Republican Joni Earnst and Democratic Representative Bruce Braley are in a dead heat 40 days before Election Day


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