Senate Fun

Over the past two days I have had the opportunity to speak with both of my favorite Senators. Yesterday I attended Senator Franken (D – MN)’s constituent breakfast. He served wild rice porridge for breakfast. When asked why he wasn’t eating any he responded “after you eat something every week for five months, the taste becomes unappetizing… That happened for me with the wild rice recipe from Hell’s Kitchen in Minneapolis four years ago.”

Today I had the opportunity to get my photo taken with Senator Harkin on the steps of the Capitol. He remembered me from our many encounters at Drake, so after giving me a big hug we talked for a few moments after the photo was taken. I was proud of myself for being able to correctly congratulate him on the passage of the bill (WIOA that I posted about last night) in American Sign Language.

I remembered that the Senator had explained some of his post – retirement plans with his interns at lunch a couple of weeks ago. Senator Harkin wants to explore the bike trails in Des Moines with his wife Ruth. While on the steps of the Capitol I invited him to contact me when he is in Des Moines and in need of a biking companion.


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