Disability and accesability on Television

Over the weekend I have had the opportunity to watch a few shows on ABC Family. I was very impressed with their representation of disability. In particular, there is a fish in Finding Nemo who is obsessed with bubbles, whiz clearly represented Obsessive Composive Disorder. I also liked to see how Nemo has a smaller fin, but how his father fights to have him integrated into  society with some assistance from the teacher. This shows how even people with disabilities can succeed in society with some accommodations. 

Another interesting representation of disability is shown in the show Switched at Birth. This show depicts the tribulations that a young deaf girl faces while trying to live a normal life, while trying to stay connected to the Deaf culture that she grew up in. This shows how important it is for individuals who are deaf to be proud of their unique culture, much like any other cultural group; weather they are hispanic, jewish, or any other number of distinct cultural groups. This same show also describes the hardships that people in wheelchairs face simple trying to get around and into establishments around town. This was shown in the show when one of the girl’s friends – who is in a wheelchair – is denied entry into a restaurant simple because of the fact that he is in a wheelchair. Although this is not said lout loud, the hostess at the door tells the two friends that the restaurant  is at capacity. After another group is let in; the discrimination based on disability becomes apparent. 


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